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Integrated Family Care Support Uganda (IFACASU) is a local NGO which was initiated in 2002 as a Self Help Group (SHG), registered as a Community Based Organization (CBO) in 2003 with the Ministry of Gender Labor and Community Development under Reg.No.MG/2003/14/005, 2006 registered as an NGO with the Ministry of Internal Affairs Kampala under Reg. No. 5830, 2009 incorporated as a Company Limited by Guarantee Non-profit making with the Ministry of Justice and Constitutional Affairs Kampala, under Inc. Reg. No. 110634. The mandatory registration was to implement activities in Health, Education and social economic empowerment to marginalized groups of people in under-served and hard to reach areas in Uganda. IFACASU currently operates in Central and Northern parts of Uganda.

IFACASU was initiated by a group of professionals, teachers, social workers, community workers, after identifying community pressing needs. The effort to establish the organization was led by Ms. Mudondo Kevin a teacher as well as  a social worker.



  • Support the affected and infected with HIV/AIDS through awareness creation,  advocacy and combination prevention strategies.

2. Education

  • Offering basic educational support to vulnerable groups of people through formal, informal, non formal, functional adult literacy, computer literacy skills for sustainable livelihoods.

3. Social Economic Empowerment

  • Equipping skills to local community members with entrepreneurial skills for initiating income generating activities/projects for poverty alleviation.


To be a leading NGO offering basic, social, economic and equitable support to marginalized communities in Uganda.


To improve the peoples livelihoods through participatory integrated interventions.


“For God we serve”


Team work                                  Accountability

Innovation                                   Dedication

Transparency                              Community Participation.

Professionalism                           Integrity



The Board of Governors (General Assembly).

The General Assembly is the supreme Governing body of the organization and entails all members of the organization and meets once in a fiscal year of the organization in the Annual general meeting. All issues pertaining the smooth running of the organization, proceedings (decisions) are resolved with in this meeting, however issues related to the daily implementation of project are discussed and handled by the Executive Committee in collaboration with the management team. The Executive Committee of the organization is elected during this session.


The Executive committee (Board of Directors).

The Board of Directors of the organization are concerned with the overseeing of the day today smooth running of the organization and they are entitled to report to the General Assembly in the Annual General Meeting, however for any emergencies an Extra ordinary General Meeting may be called upon for any crucial issue to debated there on. They meet once in a quarter of the year

The Board of Directors is elected in the Annual General meeting by universal suffrage of all organizational members and they are supposed to serve for 5 years as per the constitution of the organization.


The Management Committee.

The Management Committee is appointed by the Board of Directors to implement the day today activities of the organization. This committee is composed of the staff, advisors, and volunteers with non discrimination by gender.  This is done in accordance with the human resource policy of the organization. The said staff implement programmes; compile reports after a specific period of time according to the project guidelines may demand and execute all duties assigned to them by the Executive Committee.

 The community/ Beneficiaries.

These are the community members who are entitled to benefit from the activities and services of the organization, directly or indirectly.


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