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HIV/AIDS Combination Prevention Strategies in Mukono

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In a bid to strengthen the coordination of the combination prevention approach of HIV/AIDS response in urban areas of the country, build the institutional and technical capacity of urban local governments to effectively plan and manage HIV/AIDS at the urban levels and to enhance local leadership, advocacy and commitment for sustained HIV/AIDS response in urban areas. A strategy was designed to create awareness in our communities through door to door approach in regard to sensitizing communities about HIV/AIDS education, family planning, Elimination of Mother to Child Transmission (EMTCT), hygiene and sanitation among others.

The trained health workers of IFACASU together with the Village Health Teams (VHTs) conducted the outreach to identify the most pressing issues in the communities resulting into the high prevalence of HIV/AIDS, Maternal and Child Health (MCH) among others.

In this case here, the focus was mainly on Malaria, Family Planning, Safe Motherhood Pregnancy, sexual health, HIV/AIDS, Hygiene and sanitation etc. Through door to door approach, village meetings, religious gatherings and other opportunities, two teams from Integrated Family Care Support Uganda (IFACASU) went through the villages educating people. These gatherings mostly included women as it was them who had greater interest to listen unlike men who pretended to either know what was being discussed or to be too busy to spare time for such.

The key findings from the community on health related issues to be advocated for include malaria prevalence where costs of mosquito nets are too high for the low income earners who constitute the majority of people.

It was also noted that despite the government efforts to ensure adequate provision of medical facilities, most health centers either lack facilities like drugs. In some instances, patients are denied appropriate drugs or are given under dose even if some drugs may still be available in the store.

More interventions are still needed in our local communities in terms of awareness creation on health related issues. More VHTs are needed to be put on board and be equipped with skills in health awareness creation in communities.


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